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How to Survive Short Travel

1. Travel Plans what things you want to see

Travel historic sites, or places that provide events during a particular season will be interesting to visit.

2. Why should you pack light? Packing light puts you in control

  • Face fewer lineups at airports, both at check-in and when you get off the plane. Smile and walk by all those people watching the bags that are not theirs go round in circles on the carousel.
  • Are more mobile so that walking a few blocks is not a problem and you don’t have to look for an elevator rather than use stairs or an escalator.
  • Can save money by taking buses rather than taxis.
  • Are less of a target than someone who has a large suitcase or multiple bags. Clearly, they must have a lot of great stuff to steal.
  • Won’t lose luggage in transit meaning you won’t be shopping at your destination rather than exploring.
  • Won’t need to spend time completing airline forms detailing your lost luggage.
  • Don’t have as much to lose when repacking.
  • Won’t be carrying things that you never use.
  • Won’t pay extra for bags on budget flights.
  • Won’t pay extra for a porter to bring all your bags to your room


3. Set a budget There are two basic approaches to planning and budgeting travel

  • Where and how you want to travel. If the where and how of your trip is really important to you (if the destination and your travel style – whether it’s luxury, eating at special restaurants, taking classes, or relaxing at a resort – are not flexible) then your planning starts with how much money the trip will actually cost.
  • How much money you have. If the fact that you’re traveling is more important than where and how, then your planning is based on the money you actually have.

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4. Find a place or hostels that provides room for rent in the short term

5. Take your time as wisely as possible

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